The proposed support includes administration of all communication and information infrastructure – operating systems, applications system software, antivirus and anti spam protection, maintenance of all network servers (configuration and installation of server services, security patches installation, replacement / deletion (if necessary) of packages, monitoring and preventing unauthorized access, update of antivirus security and firewall monitoring workload, data backup creation, etc.) and workstations (security patches installation or replacement, replacement / deletion (if necessary) of software, update the antivirus and firewall security, monitoring, load, create a backup of data), network and network equipment.

Subscription support is carried out 24/7 on site at client`s office or remotely.

Remote support is a way in which we can quickly, easily and accurately be at your disposal. This service is available to facilitate your daily work – each stated problem (by telephone, e-mail) is solved immediately in real time.

Remote support service itself is sufficiently reliable. The exchange of data is accomplished by RSA private / public key and AES (256 bit encryption) during the session.

In case if, during the maintenance a problem is established (or is notified), the reaction time for its removal is as follows: within 15 minutes from a distance or up to 2 hours on site.