Deployment of Free and Open Source Software

We help small and medium business, providing the opportunity of integration of various innovative technologies and industry standards into the companies daily work through the use of free and Open Source products.


Cloud computing

We are specialized in building private cloud solutions using mainly the Openstack technology. As a free open source software it provides IaaS infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service).


Mail, calendar and shared contacts

Mail server, characterized by an autonomous and self-learning SPAM filter system. This is a Cloud type of service that allows clients to access their emails from any device. It provides shared calendars, shared contacts and address books for its users.


Windows apps on Linux

The opportunity to use any Windows application in a Linux environment. Thus you could have hybrid IT infrastructure, very flexible to all the latest Internet technologies on market. The main advantage is the financial aspect.


Virtual private network (VPN)

A type of network that provides the ability to access corporate services from mobile devices or home computers, as well as the connectivity between multiple offices.


XMPP corporate chat

Instant messaging, internal corporate calls and desktop sharing between employees. The service is available from all client operating systems (OS).


Filtering and Monitoring

Content filtering and monitoring of Internet / Intranet outgoing and incoming traffic. An integral part of Information Security.


Active Directory

AD service is an object-oriented database containing information about network users and resources. It is basically a centralized management of computers in the network and facilitates access control to file resources,  devices and  messaging systems in Corporate networks.


Data SYNC services

The service offers a synchronization of datasets and databases based on server – server and / or server – desktop machine or mobile device.

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We work with more than 70 customers.
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Managing more than 550 servers.
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More than 14 years of market presence.